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Ben Payne

Dr. Ben Payne

Clinic Director and Chiropractor

Every client should be treated as if they were a member of my family.

Hi, I'm Dr. Ben Payne, Director and Lead Chiropractor at Madrid Health alongside my wife, Teresa. I obtained my Chiropractic Doctorate degree after 5 years of study at the Anglo-European Chiropractic University (the most prestigious in Europe) and I’m a member of the General Chiropractic Council.

I feel privileged to be able to bring my experience to Madrid and I want to provide the highest quality chiropractic care. I love sport, having played tennis competitively since I was a child, and before I was a chiropractor I trained as a personal trainer. Whilst working as a trainer before going to university my interest in chiropractic developed. In the gym I saw older people with more energy and vitality than myself, as well as young people who had recovered from injuries by going to a chiropractor and improving their nutrition. I realized that chiropractic was much more than treating back pain and had much to offer because it helped people develop more vitality, energy and function without experiencing discomfort.

I had worked in London for many years before owning clinics in the Algarve (Portugal), London, and Madrid. My first objective with any patient is for them to stop experiencing discomfort as soon as possible and reduce the impact it may have on their daily lifestyle. I always educate patients how to lead healthier lifestyles and, importantly, what can be done to increase their vitality. I feel a deep privilege in helping people transform their lives.

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Teresa Soriano Paradinas

Teresa Soriano Paradinas

Clinic Director and Practice Manager

Hi, I'm Teresa. I am the Co-Director of Madrid Health Chiropractic and Care for Health in England with my husband, Ben. My first contact with chiropractic was when I met Ben. When he told me what his job involved, I remember thinking "Chiropractor: what is that?" I had never heard of a Chiropractor, so when Ben explained what his profession was, it seemed very interesting since he focused on health from a point of view which is totally opposite to mine. I am a Pharmacist and Chiropractic is based on not taking medicine but providing your body with the tools to heal naturally and effectively.

When we got to know each other Ben started to adjust my spine. I always felt dizzy in cars when I was not driving and he told me that this may be coming from my spine since I had so much tension in my spine and upper back. Nowadays I do not get dizzy in cars and my posture has improved considerably. I also sleep better and generally now feel amazing! When we moved to Madrid I started working in the pharmaceutical industry but, after a while, I realized that the work was not what I felt comfortable with. What I really liked was dealing with people and seeing our work transform their health; that's why I started working at Madrid Health.

I am passionate about chiropractic and helping people to feel better and to achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Using my own expertise to help with any nutritional deficiencies which impact on clients' daily lives contributes to that aim. I also manage our hair analysis service and supplementation/detox programs. I’m bilingual in Spanish and English, so I’m always happy to speak in whatever language you prefer.

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