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Why is our Physiotherapy service unique?

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At Madrid Health we have the latest diagnostic technology, thermography. Unique in Madrid, thermography provides us with a detailed map of inflammation of the spine, thus knowing exactly which areas have more mobility restrictions. In this way, a more specialised and focused treatment can be carried out, personalised for each patient and type of problem. With this we achieve a more advanced and complete recovery that distinguishes us from other therapeutic options that do not have this cutting-edge technology.

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In our advanced physiotherapy centre, you will undergo an exhaustive postural analysis, from head to toe, knowing how your anatomical structures are positioned, in order to put an end to your discomfort once and for all and align your entire body. To do this, we use software based on artificial intelligence that identifies your postural pattern and analyze the deviations that this pattern presents, complementing it with a physical analysis carried out by one of our specialists.

After this complete diagnosis, the Madrid Health team will use the latest Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy techniques, including spinal manipulations, shock waves, dry needling, neuromodulation, specific massage techniques and Cranial and Visceral Osteopathy.

All of these, together with the extensive experience of our international team, create an unique and advanced treatment method, superior to other physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy clinics. You will find us in the centre of Madrid, just two minutes from Calle Goya.

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