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Are You Concerned About Your Pain?

Worried The Pain Is Coming From a Different Part Of Your Body?

Would You Like a Part Of Your Body Screened?

Obtain The Most Specific Care Possible With Thermography!

We’re the only Clinic in Madrid to offer state of the art Medical Thermography alongside our services of Chiropractic, Spinal Decompression and Laser Therapy to get you better faster!

What is Thermography?

Thermography Body

Thermography is radiation-free technology that detects temperature changes in the human body. Inflammation is the FIRST sign of many disorders and thermal imaging is an extremely useful tool in Madrid Health to assess for the effect of disc hernations, back pain, sciatica, migraines and muscle pain.

Identify Areas of Spinal Stress


Pain isn’t always straightforward. For instance, while you may be experiencing pain in your arm or leg, that pain could be originating from a different region of the body such as your neck or low back. Thermography determines the source of your pain and can be used for a highly accurate diagnosis by itself or alongside imagery like X-Rays or MRI.

C5 Subluxation

Monitor your Progress

We can use thermography to objectively monitor for postural improvements, decreased inflammation, improved vascular system circulation, increased lymphatic drainage and more. Importantly we can demostrate improvements with care, so not only do you FEEL better but the Thermograpghy scan can show reduced inflammation in the body!

Twelve Weeks Later

What else can Thermography show?

Thermography Analysis

When we use Thermography for cases like Plantar Fasciitis we can directly isolate where the inflammation is present. Shoulder tendonitis can involve a lot of pain, however Thermography allows us to see which specific tendon is inflammed. Knee Pain can feel very vague and again to pin-point the exact location of the problem fast without any harmful radiation is highly beneficial and peace of mind for the patient.

Breast Thermography

Medical Thermography around the world is often most famous for Breast Thermography! In 1982, the FDA approved Thermography as a first-line screening test, for breast health and is now recommended as an adjunt to mammography.

Thermography can be used in women of any age, or of any breast density. The benefit of breast thermography as an adjunt to mammograpghy is that it offers the opportunity of earlier detection of breast disease than has been possible through breast self-examination.

Thermography Breast
Thermography Breast

Because Thermography is an image of the physiology that is occurring in the body and not anatomical structure, it’s capable of detecting a developing cancer alongside routine checks. We do NOT promote Breast Thermography at Madrid Health as a replacement for mammography but as a screening tool it's highly beneficial.

We offer a specialised service for specific parts of the body whereby the Thermography pictures and results will also be carefullt analysed by a third party of some of the most highly trained thermographiers in the world to present you with a medical report. The screening done can be tailored to the individual and please enquire to us about cost and availability.