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Massage is one of the wide range of techniques within the speciality of massage therapy. Everyone has received a massage in their life, however, sports and therapeutic massage has different characteristics to traditional relaxing massage, which means that both its objectives and its application differ from other types of massage.

Sports and therapeutic massage is a type of massage whose general objectives are: to prepare the tissues for sporting and day-to-day effort (keeping them in an optimal state of functioning), prevention of injuries both in training and in competition and recovery from any injuries that may occur. The effects of this type of massage on the body are as follows:

  • Positive psychological effects
  • Decrease in pain
  • It avoids the formation of adhesions
  • It helps to adapt to changes in training
  • Improvement in training capacity
  • Injury prevention
  • Optimisation of muscular performance
  • Delaying the onset of fatigue
  • Stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation
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When applying a sports or therapeutic massage it is necessary to locate the treatment area and focus specifically on it. A diagnostic test that can help to recognise inflamed areas is the thermography test. The results of this test indicate the areas where there is most inflammation and which may also be sensitive to injury. At Madrid Health we have technological equipment that performs thermography tests, helping to locate areas of inflammation.

After a sports or therapeutic massage session, it is normal for the patient to feel the treated area slightly stiff or sore, as when the tissues are worked in depth, they respond by becoming slightly inflamed. It is therefore advisable to use cold on the area and perform specific therapeutic exercises.

At Madrid Health we have an innovative computer programme called Physitrack, in which there are thousands of therapeutic exercises described. Depending on the patient, their injury and evolution, the Madrid Health team will specifically select some exercises for the patient to do at home to complement the treatment.

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