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Carly and Dr. Ben

Carly Syngrove

I first went to consult with Ben about a problem with my ear that was possibly related to an issue with my neck. I have had neck pain and limited movement of my neck for over 10 years. When I first started going to Ben's practise, it was necessary for me to have a few consecutive appointments, and Ben even saw me on a Saturday.

I have been going to the practise for about 5 months and am now able to rotate my head so much more, and have much better general movement of my neck. Even my posture has improved! After having adjustments, I always sleep really well that night too.

Ben is calm and sensitive, and really does care about his patients. He explains the adjustments before he does them, and he has educated me on good spinal health.

His wife Teresa is super friendly and also speaks perfect English. Both Ben and Teresa try the utmost to do everything they can to help.

It's great to find such an experienced and professional team who also speak English! Thank you Ben and Teresa :)

Peterson and Dr. Ben

Peterson Beyette

Ben Payne at Madrid Health Chiropractor is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Look no further and make an appointment now if you need one!!

I was in a very bad situation when my back slipped out while travelling in Europe. I am so fortunate to have found Ben and his wife Teresa. I have never felt more cared for and well informed than while in Ben's care. Perfect English and Spanish!

I arrived in Spain after travelling from the Czech while not being able to sit, stand or walk. Travelling was tough. Ben has a great ability to be able to explain very well what is happening to your body and how it needs to be corrected, His strong but very gentle touch was a perfect combination. His help when I was not even in the office is something I have never experienced in any doctors care and is worth 5 more stars.

Teresa runs the office and is an absolute joy to be around. She even gave us some recommendations for when I was able to get around again. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Ben and Madrid Health, even though I was in terrible pain at the start. We even invited them to visit in the USA!

Thank you again Ben and Teresa and I hope to see you again under better circumstances!

Allison and Dr. Ben

Allison Heslop

I've been going to Madrid Health for about a year and a half now and highly recommend giving them a visit for any of your chiropractic needs. Ben and Teresa are so kind and welcoming, and they've created a warm, caring, professional environment in their office.

When I first started going to Dr Payne, it was primarily out of concern for a neck injury that I'd sustained in a car accident and to help with my hips (I'm a runner and hip pain had been preventing me from running as far or often as I'd wanted). Since I began going to Madrid Health I've now trained for and run two half-marathons pain free! And my neck has been great as well! Thanks to his regular adjustments, I no longer struggle with headaches and nausea.

A great chiropractor who takes the time to get to know his patients and address their specific concerns, I highly recommend Dr. Payne and Madrid Health if you're looking for a chiropractor in Madrid!

Elizabeth and Dr. Ben

Elisabeth Corley

I have had the most wonderful experience going to Dr. Ben. When I first arrived in Spain I was having daily migraines and horrible neck and back pain. His adjustments and care made all the difference. I began feeling better within two weeks and I’ve now been seeing him for the last 2 months. He listens to his patients and genuinely cares about their well being and recovery. Also, his wife Teresa is so sweet! She is always incredibly welcoming and amicable with everyone. I love talking to her each time I come. She has been helping me with my Spanish and even giving me advice on how to navigate the Spanish medical system. I’m honestly so grateful I found Madrid Health and for both Ben and Teresa. I can’t say enough good things. Thank you!!

Steven and Dr. Ben

Steven Beckett

Look no further. This clinic attends to every one of your aching needs! Ben is knowledgeable, his treatments are extremely effective, however, consistency is key. I am back to my normal self. Teresa is so organized, attentive and accommodating. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found Madrid Health.

Ariadne and Dr. Ben

Ariadne Ferro

Dr. Ben and Teresa are the best! I am beyond impressed with the professionalism and care at their centre. I started getting adjusted at around 28 weeks pregnant and continued through to 36 weeks. Dr. Ben gently and expertly aligned my pelvis which greatly contributed to a quick and easy labor and a recovery far easier than my first pregnancy. I recommend him without hesitation!