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Would you like to know if you should be avoiding certain foods that may be causing inflammation and more pain in your body?

Are you taking vitamins but not sure if the right ones, maybe you need more of certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids?

Could you be struggling with toxins or chemicals in your environment?

You could use our simple and effective hair test service to identify which of these issues could be undermining your wellbeing.

The process is easy! We simply send 4 strands of your hair and within 7-10 days the results are available.

Non-invasive hair testing is proving to be an increasingly popular tool, used by more and more people seeking a natural, safe and effective path to better health and wellbeing. Hair testing is a very cost-effective alternative to conventional tests such as saliva, blood or urine.

The tests and recommendations are designed to look beyond the specific condition or symptoms and address many of the dietary, nutritional and lifestyle influences that are real underlying factors dictating the state of your health.

Hair Analysis
Hair Analysis

These influences include food intolerance's, nutritional deficiencies, pathogenic influences (bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses) and toxic burdens (toxic metals, chemicals and radiation), which are undermining the body’s homeostatic and immune functions, which in turn leave the body weakened and prone to poor health.

For Example: food intolerances and gut pathogens may be the cause of IBS symptoms or toxins and nutritional deficiencies could be causing fatigue related illness.