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Have you ever wonder what holds us in life?

What allows us to reach the places we want to go?

What drives us forward?

What keeps us moving?

IT'S OUR FEET, but... no two feet are alike! They are as unique as you are. As unique as your life.

Subtalar Pronation and Supination

The feet are a complex combination of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 ligaments, tendons and muscles. With the 100% custom made orthotic devices your feet will keep correctly aligned in a neutral position allowing a correct and balanced body posture providing:

1. Support and natural alignment of the foot.

2. Custom comfort and perfect fit.

3. Performance improvement.

4. Better overall health.

Orthotic Correction

Prescription orthotic devices are not like a pair of shoes. They are a one-off device made for your feet only. They may need “tweaking” to get to fit just right for you, and take time to get used to. This information is to help you understand this process.

There are at least four stages involved in prescribing orthotic devices:

Orthotics Footwear

1. First Review Appointment

Review appointment at which we decide on a need for orthotics. This might be done at your New Patient examination. We examine your biomechanics, often look at you walk. Ideally we also see your current footwear at this stage. We may recommend that you don’t need devices, or that you need any combination of other treatment or support.

Orthotics Foam

2. Casting

Casting of your feet is usually achieved using resin slipsocks - this is a clean and efficient process. You lie on your front and relax while a warm "sock" is applied to your foot. It goes hard as we hold your foot in its neutral position, the way that nature intended it to be. Occasionally we use foam box impression casting.

Orthotic devices are made for your feet only. We are charged when we send them to the laboratory, and so we ask for payment at the time of casting.

Orthotics Casting

3. Fitting

Your casts are sent to be manufactured at the laboratory. Once finished and received by us, we double-check the overall prescription. We then see you for a Fitting Appointment. At this appointment WE NEED YOUR FOOTWEAR, especially those we are fitting the Orthotics to, but also other pairs which might have insoles which we can use as templates. We check the fit between your foot and device. You will be asked to slowly get used to the devices on one of the "breaking-in" timetables.

Orthotics Footwear

4. Second Review Appointment

Once fitted, you will normally be requested to come in for Review some 2-6 weeks later. This is important as we check your general condition (not just your orthotics) and future management. WE NEED YOUR FOOTWEAR for this appointment, especially any which might be causing fitment issues. We can discuss if you are having any problems with the devices. Many people opt to get a second pair; for example a slimline pair for dress shoes or other special purposes. If you want a second pair, this is normally when we would order them.